Transport Fort Lauderdale Airport

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Transport Fort Lauderdale Airport

FLL airport transport variety allows visitors to choose the best mode of traveling to/from the airport and to the city center along with the best sightseeing places.

The choice between ground transportation at FLL and the nearby stations includes taxi, bus, and tri-rail commuter train.

To get a clear location of all transport modes and possible routes, it is recommended to check online the transportation FLL airport map.

Transport Fort Lauderdale Airport FLL


All passengers can take the bus from the airport to move around or to go downtown Miami and the city center. Although this mode of transport may seem slow, to international visitors it is the best option to look around and get familiar with possible routes.

All buses are run by the Broward County Transit within the mass Route 1.

The bus stop is located at Stop № 7 at the Rental Center.


Taxi mode can be a good choice for business representatives and for visitors with the necessity to get a quick ride to their place of destination.

There is a fair price from all taxi companies that are regulated by local law.

The taxi parking ranks are situated on the lower building levels. To order a taxi, there is a wide choice of companies to contact: Yellow Cab, Green Taxi, Advanced United Taxi, and American Taxi Cab.

All taxi companies work 24/7.

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It is possible to take a ride on the tri-rail commuter train that goes to the Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

For all passengers who just arrived at the FLL airport, it is necessary to move to the nearest rail station which is located a few miles away from the terminal buildings. There is no rail station at the airport territory, but visitors can take free shuttles to reach the station.

Tri-rail fares differ within the location zones.

It is recommended to visit the main tri-rail website to check fares according to the traveling route and choose a fare type.

All fare types depend on the travel rounds (one-way, round-trip, 12-trip) and visiting zones.

Transport modes between Terminals

All passengers can use shuttles to move from the Terminal to each of the buildings and towards the Rental Car Center.

The shuttle bus parking lot is located at the lower level.

Service hours:

  • Shuttles between terminals – 6 am to 9 pm (daily)
  • Shuttles between terminals and Rental Car Center – 24/7.
  • The Garage Tram service is available for visitors and also operates 24/7.
  • For all visitors who live at the FLL nearby hotels, there is an option to take a free courtesy shuttle. The shuttle is pre-ordered at the hotel administration.

Car Rental Center

The Rental Center premises are situated next to Terminal 1 in front of the cell phone waiting area. It is easy to find a suitable car or van type by contacting rental companies or using a self-service terminal that is located in the car rental territory.

For the passengers who arrived at Terminals 2, 3, and 4, there are courtesy shuttles that move to/from different buildings to the Rental Center.

All shuttles that go to the center operate 24/7.