In the last three years, speaking of flights, Fort Lauderdale Airport has successfully offered its services to 81 million plus passengers. Year 2019 saw just over 36.7 million. However, the next year, 2020, saw the flight FLL Airport register just over 16 million, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2021, which had a semblance of normalcy restored to the world after the Coronavirus, saw the Airport Fort Lauderdale flight status handle slightly in excess of 28 million passengers.

Fort Lauderdale Airport has four terminals, which are lettered T1 to T4 for easy identification and each with distinct colors.

T1 Ais the New Terminal with yellow. It possesses a total of 23 boarding gates and three concourses lettered from A to C. It also has three levels with functions like arrivals, lounge access, baggage claims. Services like food and snacks, rental cars and ATMs are available here.

Flights Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

T2 is the Delta Terminal, colored red. With nine boarding gates, this terminal possesses just the concourse D. It has two levels and offers services like money wire, baggage claim and currency exchange.

T3 is the Main Terminal with purple and owes its connection with T4 to a connector bridge. It’s where concourses E and F are found and has 20 boarding gates. Its services include: baggage storage, business centers and retail concessions.

T4 is the International Terminal with colour green. With two levels, its services include prepaid phone cards and duty free stores.

Flights fll airport


Over 500 flights landed today, December 5, according to the FLL flights status online. About 100 flights among them weren’t on time, comprising those which were delayed, diverted or of an unknown status.


About 600 departures took place today. 105 however were delayed, three were diverted and there was one which was of an unknown FFL flights status.