Terminals fll airport

FLL with its enormous passenger capacity was divided into four terminal buildings and is located five km away from the city center.

To get a clear vision of all entries, halls, rentals, and parking lots, it is recommended to check the Fort Lauderdale airport terminals map.

Terminal 1

It was opened in a modernized building and is often called the yellow terminal. There are 23 FLL gates within this terminal between Concourses A, B, and C.

Fort Lauderdale terminal 1 is divided into three levels:

  • Level 1 serves for Arrivals.
  • Level 2 has the Departure and Ticketing register department.
  • Level 3 serves for locating service departments and lounges.

Section A consists of A1-A7 boarding gates, where 5 of which serve international and local flights.

Section B is the heart of the Business Center area and includes gates B2-B9.

Section C locates C1-C9 gates and hosts a Concession Hall with a post-security center.

Terminal map fll airport

Terminal 2

The building is called Delta Terminal and has its color code- red.

There are 9 gates and one Concourse D.

The unique point of this terminal is that it accepts only Air Canada and Delta Airlines.

The 2-leveled building serves for:

  • Level 1 – Arrivals hall and the Baggage Claim Area;
  • Level 2 – Departure hall and the Check-In.

Section D had boarding gates from D1-D9. Within the territory, there are concessions for shopping and food.

Terminal 3

It is best known as the Main Terminal with a purple color.

It contains Concourse E and F with 20 boarding gates. Section E hosts E1-E10 gates and Section F equally hosts F1-F10 gates.

The unique point of this terminal is that it has a Customs area and a connecting bridge to Terminal 4.

Level 1 corresponds to the Arrival area and the Baggage Claim.

Level 2 corresponds to the Departure and Check-In areas.

Fort Lauderdale airport’s facts

Terminal 4

The whole building receives International flights and is best known as the International Terminal with its green symbolic color.

It hosts Concourses G and H. Section G has G1-G6 and G9-G14 boarding gates.

Section H was reopened into the concession hall and it connects with Terminal 3.

Level 1 represents the Arrivals and Baggage claim departments.

Level 2 represents Departures and Check-in areas.

Transfer between FLL Terminals

For the sake of fast, convenient transfer between necessary buildings, passengers can take special shuttles. The shuttle route includes a passway to the Rental Car Center.
Shuttles are located at the lowest level of each terminal.

Operating time is 24/7.

Fort Lauderdale terminal

Quick terminal Fort Lauderdale airport’s facts

There are two separate terminals and two are connected with the bridge.

Terminal 4 offers Kalik Kafe pre pass.

All terminals are color-coded and correspond to the Garage parking color.

Delta Airlines and Air Canada operate and locate their office at Terminal 2.

Although the halls are not oriented toward the children’s rest, Terminal 1 built a children’s play zone in the shape of a cloud.

United Airlines has a lounge zone in Terminal 1.